A Lady Boss Guide to Celebrating your Friends

Every #girlboss knows by now that your lady friendships are some of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. Keep reading for ideas on how to celebrate your squad the way they deserve!

Celebrate your friends

I went through a phase in my twenties that many of us go through: the Friendless Phase. As much as I wanted nourishing lady friendships, it was just that time in our lives where the girls were falling into routines with work, getting into serious relationships, maybe even buying houses or having children. I dragged my feet through until finally the clouds broke and sunshine spilled in, warming up my pathetic little friend-less life!

We finally had reached the age where we were settled into our homes with significant others and at a good place in our jobs and ready to hire  a babysitter which meant we had the time and the freedom to give our lady friends the face-time they deserved all along!

Now, my friend-life is thriving. My squad keeps growing as more and more women notice their need to have the love and support of other women. I quickly realized how grateful I was for my awesome friends and I wanted to find ways to show them just how grateful I am.

Here’s a list of ideas for celebrating your friends to show them just how much you appreciate them:

Throw them a party!

Last year I threw my first annual Lady Squad Dinner Party. I love cooking so I had a blast making a meal plan and cooking so many things I had never tried before. I planned out 5 simple courses that seemed fancy, but were really pretty easy. The ladies were impressed and felt so special and I had a full heart from a night of serving and celebrating them.

Surprise them with a gift!

I have always been a big gift-giver. I don’t wait until birthdays or Christmas. If I see something and instantly think of you, you can bet your ass I’m getting it, wrapping it up with shiny paper and surprising you the very next time I see you! This doesn’t have to be an expensive ritual. Got a free Sunday? Knit a hat or draw a special picture and wrap it up for a friend. Think of how it makes you feel to receive any kind of surprise and let that inspire you to make your friends feel that way as often as possible!

Make one-on-one plans frequently!

Group outings are so fun. We all know that! But what I’ve learned from a year of my squad growing bigger and bigger is that you can’t stay completely in tune with your friends’ lives if you only hang out in a group. My whole squad meets every Sunday morning for coffee at our spot, so I get plenty of face time with them. That’s why I make sure to plan one-on-one time with each of my friends from time to time. I’ll invite one of them shopping or to brunch or even just to the dog park or a movie night at my house and make sure each of them know that I’m keeping them specifically in my thoughts.

Appreciate Your Friends

Follow this guide to always make your friends feel special! How do you celebrate your squad? Let me know in the comments.

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