A Simple List for Getting out of a Blogging Funk

Blogging can be hard, especially when you’re first starting out. We go into it knowing it will take awhile to hit that sweet spot, and yet it’s still so easy to fall into the pit of defeat and lose motivation before that happens. Here is some real talk: I am writing this post because¬†I am in a blogging funk right now!¬†It’s gonna be fine, guys. Here’s a simple list I’ve put together that has helped me and will hopefully do the same for you!

How to Get Out of that Blogging Funk

Sit down and think about it.

Give yourself a block of time and find the determination to only focus on your blog. Have you heard of breaking writer’s block by getting a piece of paper out and writing out your “constant stream of consciousness” within a set amount of time? This unleashes all sorts of thoughts and ideas you probably didn’t realize you had. Do this same thing, but make it a list of blogging ideas. Topics, people, projects, anything that comes to mind that might make a great post. It doesn’t matter how many things you write down that may seem completely silly, because odds are you will write down plenty of amazing ideas.

Get motivation from others.

We all have websites and blogs that we look at and aspire to someday have for ourself. Go to those sites and browse around. I’m not saying you should go to your favorite blog, pick a post and write your own version of it. The point of this exercise is to look at these works and get your brain back in that “I gotta do this” mode. Looking at websites that inspire you will almost always put you in the mood to get back to work.

Give a crap, but don’t give a crap.

I’ve gone over a week without blogging. Until I sat down today to write this post I felt really bad about it. How will I have a successful blog if I take two weeks off from posting?! Where in the world did my motivation go?! The truth is, taking that week off probably didn’t effect my ability to have a successful blog. Sure, I didn’t get much traffic this week, but it’s not like all of my followers abandoned me!

Beating yourself up will help nothing. Sit down and focus and soon enough your motivation will come back. Keep working and be true to your own passions and your blog will thrive!

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