About LBN

Bethany Crawford - Lady Boss Nation

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Bethany– a 28-year-old aspiring lady boss, mother of two wonderful dogs, and enthusiast of everything.

I was raised to pursue everything I had my heart set on, which led to many ideas, many projects, many failures, many lessons. Now I’m putting all of those passions into this blog: Lady Boss Nation.

I wanted to make a community for women like me, who might be stuck at a job that pays the bills but doesn’t excite the spirit. The women who sit at work thinking of all the things they’ll be doing that night to further their passions.

Solopreneurs, creatives, mamas and lady bosses of all kind are welcome here and I hope with all my heart you can find the inspiration and the empowerment you need to pursue all of your dreams, reach all of your goals, and live the life that YOU intend to live.