Let Go of Doubt to find your Creative Self


I’ve always been the creative type. Just ask my mom. She has stories of me spending hours painting only to bother her for clean brush water every once in awhile. This didn’t go away with age. I’ve tried so many types of creative outlets, loved almost all of them, stuck with almost none of them (but they sure were fun to try!)

The reason some creatives lose that passion as they get older is because of one little bitch of a word: doubt. I remember so many times that I’ve stared at a piece of paper just wishing I could put my pencil down and start drawing something, but doubt stopped me dead in my tracks.

Courage quotes

Why do we let self doubt control what we create? Doubt is the voice in the back of your head saying “if you don’t try then you can’t fail.” This is why my pencil often stays in one place, leaving me with a blank piece of paper and no creative relief.

Creativity is not only limited to artistic projects, so it is possible that self doubt is keeping you from starting the business, writing the book, submitting your guest post. If you think this might be you, then try this with me:

Pick one task or project right now that you are having trouble starting. Now rip off your band-aid of self doubt and just say to yourself “there is no reason I should be afraid of failing at this.” Step three? See what happens.

Courage quotes

If you can push past your doubt and let your creativity flow with confidence, you will be one step closer to letting go of self doubt altogether. Every tiny accomplishment will make you realize more and more how “failing” is only a construct created by you.

Don’t stare at your piece of paper without moving the pencil. Don’t think. Just have faith in yourself that you can accomplish exactly what you’ve planned all along.

Go for it

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  1. Lovely post, as a creative myself, I’m super aware that self doubt can be crushing. It’s so important to embrace what we each as creatives bring to the table and know that it’s unique to anyone else.

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