Morning Routine Ideas to Start Your Day Off Right

I’m sure it isn’t a foreign idea to any of you that what you do in the morning can drastically change the outcome of your day. That’s why I relish every morning the same way I relish a day off. After all, it is “time off” even if you only have an hour or two before you have to go into work. The best thing you can do is make the most of it. Do just that by finding your own morning routine with the help of this list.

Simple Tips for the Perfect Morning Routine

Wake up with enough time to have an hour or two to yourself.

This is the toughest part of getting a good morning routine for a lot of people, but I promise if you can get in the habit of waking up early you will see how amazing it is to have that time to yourself. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier every day until you reach the time you want and put your alarm clock outside of arm’s reach so you have to get up to turn it off.

(Check out this alarm clock that runs away from you until you turn it off. It’s sure to get you out of bed!)

Once you’re able to wake up early, use the morning to do things you love and that will put you in the right mindset to tackle your day. Do 15 minutes of meditation, cuddle with your dog, or catch up on chores. You don’t even necessarily need to do anything productive as long as you are doing something for yourself.

Drink warm water with lemon and eat breakfast.

Hot water with lemon juice has so many benefits. The warm water mixed with the pectin fiber from the lemon aids in digestion and the vitamins found in lemon juice helps flush out toxins, keeps your skin heathy and energizes you. All of this first thing in the morning can make a huge difference in how you feel all day long.

It would be cliche to say “breakfast is the most important part of the day” if it weren’t so true. Eating a healthy breakfast will make your body feel great and if you take the time to cook or prepare breakfast it can make you feel productive which will motivate you all day long.

Both of these tips are a great part of any healthy morning routine.

Practice mindfulness.

Being mindful means being aware of┬áthe present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and body. In simple terms, mindfulness means staying in the moment, every moment. This is a therapy technique that can completely change the way you look at yourself, at your day and at your life.

Spend every morning being mindful. While drinking your cup of coffee, be aware of how wonderful it tastes, how warm it is and how calm and peaceful you feel. While doing chores, be aware of how accomplished you feel. While getting ready, be aware of how your clothes make you feel, how much you have to be grateful for and all the things you love about yourself. Practice mindfulness every morning until it becomes second nature. Let it heal you.


You might think “why would I wake up early to relax if I could just stay asleep longer?” I don’t blame you. It seems silly. But what I can tell you is that sleeping later means prolonging the inevitable moment of not wanting to get out of bed and waking up early and relaxing means starting your day with peace. This doesn’t have to mean yoga or meditation. It could mean sitting quietly with a cup of coffee or reading for 20 minutes before checking your phone. However you choose to do it, put yourself in a place of calm and improve your day ahead of time.

Do whatever the fuck you want.

As much as Ive tried, I can’t technically tell you how to start your mornings. Everyone is different. Play around with my advice and see what works best for you. The number one tip that I know will never fail is this one: do whatever you want. You know what makes you happy, you know what makes you calm. Wake up and do those things. The more you celebrate yourself, the more positive your attitude and the more equipped you are to have a successful day, every day.

Find the perfect morning routine to celebrate YOU!

Let me know in the comments below what you would add to this list and tune in for our next Wishlist Wednesday to see my picks for good morning essentials!

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