Lady Boss Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Wake up and shake off that New Year’s hangover, people! It’s January 1st: the official day of new beginnings and future hope. And what is the number one tradition of a brand new January 1st? New Year’s Resolutions, of course!

We’ve all done it; got pumped, made a few goals, went full speed and fizzled out by March. So how do we make 2017 different? How can we stick to our goals? Lady Boss Nation has compiled a list of tried and true habits to get you in the right mindset to smash the crap out of your goals this year.

New Year's Resolutions

Make a plan.

Obvious, right? Most of us know, however, that making a plan and sticking to it is a lot harder than it seems. You write down your goals, map out hopeful milestones and when you miss your first one you’re bummed out and motivation has left the building.

This year, try planning one week at a time. You don’t know how quickly you can reach those milestones until you’re on your way. Sitting down every Sunday and reflecting on your week’s accomplishments while writing down the next steps for your week ahead will not only help you plan, but will give you a weekly reminder to really think hard about what you’re trying to achieve.

Don’t complicate things.

My goal for 2016 was to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I wrote down comprehensive workout plans and tried the extensive meal prepping and it was really helpful until I started getting overwhelmed. I quickly ran out of motivation to continue doing all of these things and I could feel myself going into a downward spiral.

I needed things to be easier. So I stopped meal prepping and started taking the basics to work, like veggies and fruit and the leftovers from whatever healthy meal we had the night before. I reminded myself that just getting exercise was more important than how I was exercising (the workout programs came later when I had a feel for it all).

By simplifying my plan, I never lost motivation and by May I had lost a total of 40 pounds and had never felt stronger. I still use a simple plan today, because living a healthy life should be as easy as possible when you’re busy being a lady boss.

Believe you are the person you want to become.

Yes, I’m talking about visualization! It might sound silly, but think of it this way:

Say your goal is to make major headway in the workplace. Great! But be specific. So, now your new year’s resolutions include getting a promotion and the raise you deserve. Much better. But what if instead of making a list of ways to achieve these goals you went back to work in 2017 with this in your head:

I am the type of person who will take on any challenge at work.
I am the type of person who keeps a positive attitude towards co-workers.
I am the type of person who can confidently discuss my progress at work and clearly define what I expect from my employer.

This type of attitude is life-changing and it can work with any goal you have your sights set on.

Accountability. Accountability. Accountability.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Accountability is super helpful in achieving your goals! But maybe you’ve been burned before. Maybe your support system wasn’t as supportive as you thought or you fizzled out and felt embarrassed that people were expecting you to succeed.

The key to accountability is to find the right support system. As I mentioned above, 2016 was about losing weight for me. My lady squad was totally on board and encouraged me the whole way through! By the end of the year, I made the big decision to start my own blog and while my girl gang was supportive, none of them could really relate. So I reached out to a friend who liked to pick up side hustles here and there and we quickly found out that a blog was in both of our near futures! Now I can bitch to my girlfriends about leg day and pick this other friend’s brain about blogging and I’ve got support flying at me from all different directions.

I want to hear from you!

So there’s our simple little list of realistic ways to achieve your New Year’s resolutions this year. We’d love to hear your feedback on how you’ve achieved your goals in the past! E-mail Lady Boss Nation at or leave a comment below!

Happy New Years!

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  1. Thanks for the reminders of these tried-and-true strategies! I love your voice and personal touch. Yay for lady squad support!

  2. One of my biggest issues in the past has been not complicating things…especially since I’m a complicated, indecisive soul by nature 🙂 I’m working on simplicity as a part of my business and life goals this year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Keeping it simple is a great message. I will admit to being intimidated by the gym. It is a scary place full of strange equipment and super fit people. But instead of trying to be super fit focusing on just being healthier is a great alternative. Thank you for the advice.

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